易世博应以合理的方式为会员提供电力服务. 合作, 然而, 不投保, 保证, 或者保证它会提供足够的, 连续, 或者不波动的电能. 合作社对公敌的行为不负责任, 战争, 罢工或其他劳资纠纷, 火灾, 洪水, acts of God or any causes of like or diffe租金 kinds beyond the reasonable control of the Cooperative. 合作社不承担损害赔偿责任, 成本, 或费用, 包括律师费或法律费用, 是合作社的电力供应造成的, 除非损害赔偿, 成本, 或费用是由合作社的重大疏忽或故意不当行为造成的. 合作’s responsibility and liability for providing electric service terminates at the point of delivery of the electric service to the member. 在任何情况下,合作社均不承担任何间接责任, 特殊的, 模范, 惩罚性, 或因合作社的电力服务而引起的间接损害. 


Crow Wing Power认为会员拥有自己的个人信息. Crow Wing Power and its authorized third-party partners will not release a member’s personal information to any other person or business entity not listed on a member’s account without written consent from the member, unless required by law or if necessary to allow a third party to collect delinquent amounts owed to Crow Wing Power by the member.

当需要提供信息时, Crow Wing Power must first obtain written permission from the person(s) listed on the account which shall include verification of identity along with a signature.  如果第三方可以出示委托书,他们也可以获得这些信息.

如果乌鸦翼力量的成员死亡, family members may obtain this information if they can provide Crow Wing Power with a death certificate and if they can show they are the proper legal representative of the estate.

通过使用本网站, 您同意我们根据本隐私政策收集和使用信息.

我们收集电表提供的用电信息, 和其他个人信息,从您与我们的网站和应用程序的互动, 以及你自愿提供的信息. 例如您的IP地址和浏览器类型等信息. 您的会话和您在cwpower上访问的页面.Com将被跟踪,但你将保持匿名. We may use your IP address to identify the general geographic area from which you are accessing hycmfdc.com. 我们连接来自不同系统的数据,但不会将IP地址链接到任何个人信息. 我们也可能收集本政策中所述的其他信息.

我们将向您收集的信息用于系统管理目的, 滥用预防, 提供用电信息, 改善会员服务, 管理业务运营, 跟踪用户趋势, 以及本政策中描述的其他目的. 如果你给我们发邮件, 您提供的电子邮件地址可能用于向您发送信息, 回复查询, 和/或其他要求或问题. 我们不会分享, 出售, 租金, 交换, 或未经您的许可,授权任何第三方使用您的电子邮件地址作任何用途. 当你注册使用易世博应用程序, 或相关更新, 我们收集识别您身份的信息. 我们需要这些信息来回应你的询问, 提供最新资讯, 或为您提供服务.

User information may be shared with third-party vendors to the extent necessary to provide and improve web services or other communications to users. 例如, 我们使用谷歌Analytics等第三方来生成网站使用情况报告, 网络流量, 用户行为, 和用户的兴趣,以优化我们的网站为我们的访问者. 我们也使用地理, 人口, 和基于兴趣的报告,我们的网站访问者创建自定义受众列表. We prohibit any third parties who receive user information for this purpose from using or sharing user information for any purpose other than providing services for the benefit of our users.

We may also provide your information to third parties in circumstances where we believe that doing so is necessary or appropriate to satisfy any applicable law, 监管, legal process or 政府ernmental request; detect, 防止或以其他方式解决欺诈, 安全, or 技术 issues; or protect our rights and safety and the rights and safety of our users or others.


  • 生成会员的账单报表,并向会员账户支付款项;
  • 向会员提供停电信息;
  • 应会员要求,向会员提供高峰警报及重要警告讯息;
  • To enable members to see their energy use data via secure access on the Internet at the members’ option;
  • At the member’s option to analyze energy use to help the member take advant年龄 of 程序s offered by Crow Wing Power;
  • Member information may be shared with affiliates and partners of Crow Wing Power that offer products and services to members;
  • 在我们作为一方或第三方的法律诉讼中, we may be required to give some access to your personal information in compliance with lawful requests; or

We may use your personal information when we have a good faith belief that the disclosure is necessary to protect ourselves against fraud, 出于网络防御或以其他方式保护Crow Wing Power的财产和安全, 我们的会员和用户.

我们理解您个人信息的安全是很重要的. 我们提供合理的行政管理, 技术, 和物理安全控制,以保护您的个人信息. 然而, 尽管我们努力了, 没有任何安全控制是100%有效的, 和易世博不能保证或保证您的个人信息的安全.

Crow Wing Power将我的个人信息存储在哪里?
Your personal information and files are stored on Crow Wing Power servers and the servers of companies we hire to provide services to us.

谷歌和其他第三方可能使用cookie, 网络信标, similar technologies to collect or receive information from this website and elsewhere on the internet and use that information to provide measurement services and target ads. 有关谷歌Analytics的更多信息,请参阅他们的 使用条款隐私惯例广告设置. 您可以选择退出收集和使用这些信息通过工具,如 网络广告倡议选择退出页面.

cookie是存储在您的计算机上的小文件(除非您阻止它们). We use cookies to understand and save your preferences for future visits and compile aggregate data about site traffic and site interaction so that we can offer better site experiences and tools in the future. You may disable cookies through your individual browser options or you can opt-out of the collection and use of this information through tools like the 网络广告倡议选择退出页面.

本网站可能包含与其他网站的链接. 我们对此类网站的隐私惯例或内容概不负责.

cookie可能由我们以外的各方设置. 这些“第三方cookie”可能, 例如, 源自YouTube等网站, 推特, 脸谱网, 或其他社交媒体服务,cwpower.Com已经实现了“插件”.“因为这些网站的cookie政策会随着时间的推移而改变, 您应该通过直接访问这些网站的隐私政策页面来确定它们的政策.

Crow Wing Power uses Electronic News Programs to keep members informed on subjects in which they’ve asked to be informed via Email. 通过这些项目, 我们可以追踪与这些邮件相关的行为, 包括你是否收到或打开了一封电子邮件, 点击邮件中的链接, 或者转发邮件. 如果你不想收到这些邮件, you may opt-out as noted at the bottom of the email you receive from Crow Wing Power through those 程序s.

我们可能会提供不同的应用程序,让会员能够在不同的设备上看到不同的节目. Some of our apps connect to our servers and offer members the ability to install updates to the apps.  我们不记录会员的交易.

Crow Wing Power may participate in social media sites and provide information on sites like 脸谱网 and 推特, 然而, 用户同意这些网站的政策.


在注册电子账单支付时, you agree to the following: “I authorize Crow Wing Power to initiate variable entries to my checking, 储蓄或信用卡账户. This authority will remain in effect until I notify the cooperative at least four working days prior to the due date on my electric bill.

I can also stop payment of any entry by notifying the cooperative four business days before the due date on my electric bill. I can have the amount of an erroneous charge credited to my account up to 15 days following issuance of my bank or credit card statement or 46 days after posting, 以先发生者为准.”

一旦你注册了定期付款, 你的电费单将包含一条信息,说明你的银行汇票或信用卡收费日期. The amount will be automatically deducted from your bank account or charged to your credit card on the due date shown.

我们的网站和系统不是为儿童设计的, 我们不会故意收集任何13岁以下的人的信息.

我们的网站和系统不是为与欧洲客户做生意而设计的, 我们不会故意从欧洲客户那里收集任何信息.

Crow Wing Power欢迎就本隐私政策提出意见. 如有任何疑问,请致电(218)829-2827或(800)648-9401与我们联系.

“乌鸦翼合作力量。 & 轻型公司(易世博)是美国联邦财政援助的接受者.S. 美国农业部(USDA). 

根据联邦民权法和美国宪法.S. 农业部(USDA)的民权法规和政策, 美国农业部, 它的机构, 办公室, 和员工, institutions participating in or administering USDA 程序s are prohibited from discriminating based on race, color, 国家的起源, 宗教, 性, 性别认同(包括性别表达), 性取向, 残疾, 年龄, 婚姻状况, 家庭/父母的地位, 来自公共援助计划的收入, 政治信仰, 或者是对之前民权活动的报复, 美国农业部开展或资助的任何项目或活动(并非所有基础都适用于所有项目). 补救措施和投诉提交截止日期因项目或事件而异. 

需要其他沟通方式获取节目信息的残疾人(例如.g.、盲文、大字、录音带、美国手语等.) should contact the responsible Agency or USDA’s TARGET Center at (202) 720-2600 (voice and TTY) or contact USDA through the Federal Relay Service at (800) 877-8339. 此外,课程信息可能会以英语以外的语言提供. 

提出项目歧视投诉, 填写美国农业部歧视投诉表格, AD-3027, 可于 http://www.ascr.the USDA.gov/complaint_filing_cust.html and at any USDA office or write a letter addressed to USDA and provide in the letter all of the information requested in the form. 如欲索取投诉表格副本,请致电(866)632-9992. 将填妥的表格或信件通过以下方式提交给美国农业部: 

(1)邮件:U.S. Department of Agriculture Office of the Assistant Secretary for Civil Rights 1400 Independence Avenue, 西南华盛顿, D.C. 20250-9410; 

(2) fax: (202) 690-7442; or 

(3)电子邮件: 程序.intake@美国农业部.政府.

Crow Wing Power是一个平等机会的提供者、雇主和贷款人.